This is the phone I really wanted when I bought my MDA 'bout a year ago. Qwerty, browsing, presumably decent cam, google maps with GPS. It's not quite as shiny shiny as the iPhone, but I think I'll be switching to Helio, not Cingular, when my contract's up. » 5/10/07 12:20pm 5/10/07 12:20pm

@aec007: The laser one—the Microvision Nomad—was tested in Iraq by 100 Stryker vehicle commanders. They liked it, but the red-only Nomad is no longer available, and the full-color version is still in production. Plus even the monochrome version cost the Army $600,000 for 100 units. » 3/30/07 8:27am 3/30/07 8:27am

Hook this up to a computer, and display all those HDR photographs you make with multiple exposures + photomatix natively, instead of downsampling them to 8 bits. Still, I'm gonna wait for laser screens. Not because they're necessarily better, but because they have lasers. » 10/20/06 9:07am 10/20/06 9:07am

Aye on the qwerty, wifi, 3G, 10mp cam (with a non-useless flash and some manual configurability) and all mainstream audio/video formats. Add GPS with route-finding software and 16-32gb of solid state or a 60gb hd, and—here's the kicker—linux so's I can run nicotine & aMule on the road. » 10/16/06 11:58am 10/16/06 11:58am

aec007: So for a real energy saver, put a line parallel to the main fiber-optics made out of a bose-einstein condensate, and just heat it slightly at night to let out all the light that got stuck in it during the day—no more need for electricity! (but you'll probably spend a lot on liquid helium). » 10/13/06 8:20am 10/13/06 8:20am

Ordinary consumer electronics with vintage video games added are the wave of the future. Soon, we will have microwave ovens, stereo receivers, vacuum cleaners, and possibly even game consoles with pong, space invaders, or asteroids cavorting merrily across retro-styled displays. » 9/27/06 12:14pm 9/27/06 12:14pm